Book Review — “Dangled Carat” by Hilary Grossman

Ugh on this. Maybe I’m just bitter from my 20’s when I and a million other fun, loving, intelligent, good-hearted, successful women dated self-centered, immature, commitment-terrified boys. Maybe I’m still bitter from watching my friends, and myself, applaud these children for every kind word they said and every time they made the huge risk of holding our hand, being kind, expressing their feelings or “compromising” their “I’m just not ready” status. I could not stand Mark. And I couldn’t get past it to hope they ended up together. Maybe because I’m glad I didn’t end up with my “Mark”, even though we parted as friends (eventually!!) Maybe I’m bitter? Yeah… but better yet, maybe I, over the years, figured out that they were right about one thing — it really was them and not us. Cheers, girls!!!! And to my loving, treasured friend Suzanne —- thanks for being there for me when I navigated my 20’s. For old time’s sake…..”she never heard from him again” Three very annoyed stars 🤩🤩🤩

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