Book Review — “Miracle Creek” by Angie Kim

This is a creative twist on the classic courtroom drama. At the heart of it all is an oxygen treatment device that tragically explodes through what looks to be an intentionally set fire. Tackling an innovative subject — medical experimentation — “Miracle Creek” isn’t just about whom is guilty or innocent. Richly drawn and honest characters who are battling not only medical but emotional wars on a daily, agonizing basis, are what sets this book apart from others. Each person is struggling, feels guilty and resentful, and could easily have been the one that set this horrible tragedy in motion. In fact, in their own way, they are all victims, heroes, criminals and saboteurs. But who actually set the fire that kills two and injures many with physical and psychological scars that may never heal? You’ll hope none of them did, but you’ll hope in vain. I enjoyed the writing, especially the honesty of the characters — who are portrayed as human and flawed and just struggling to survive. Although there are some very disturbing parts and some of these characters will infuriate you, I highly recommend this one. 😁😁😁😁

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