Book Review — “Lock Every Door” by Riley Sager

Oooohhh! This was a good one! Jules Larsen’s life has hit rock bottom, but her new job as an apartment sitter in New York’s Bartholomew can be just the thing she needs. Or is it? Starting out with some strange “rules” and some even stranger neighbors, Jules begins to realize that if it looks too good to be true — it probably is. Are Jules’ new neighbors evil? Is the Bartholomew haunted? Is Jules just imagining things? Why are so many apartment sitters now MISSING?!?! You will scream for her to “GET OUT!!” and but you won’t be able to stop reading! This is really well written and aside from the creepy twist (YUCK!!!), I really enjoyed this page-turner. Lock your doors and be prepared to be entertained and a little bit scared!!! 🤩🤩🤩🤩. Definitely recommend!!

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