Book Review — “A Divided Mind” by M. Billiter (pseudonym)

“A Divided Mind” is an honest story about a young man’s journey through mental illness. Branson hears voices and sees shadows. No one has ever met or seen his best friend. He has blackouts and loses time. He’s also a high school track star, a brother, a boyfriend, a son. This novel is told through Branson and his mother, Tara, and it is emotional, heart-breaking and uplifting. It’s not just about mental illness but also about love, friendship, healthiness and survival. You will feel for all of the family members that this mental illness touches. But more importantly, you will see that Branson is more than his illness, stronger than his weakness, and loved & celebrated more than he his feared & misunderstood. That being said, this is not a happy book with a neat, happy ending. It’s an honest story about a young man and his family, who are all just doing their very best. Disclaimer — I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review. Thank you Book Sirens for this great book. Highly recommended!! #booksirens

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