Book Review — “The Fragments” by Toni Jordan

“The Fragments” by Toni Jordan revolves around a lost/damaged manuscript and the death of its author.   Alternating between present day and flashbacks it’s an interesting read but can be a bit slow at times.  I enjoyed the flashback story of Rachel and Inga much more than the present day sections of Caddie trying to solve the mystery, which I thought could have been tighter and more enticing.  I was very invested in the story of Rachel and Inga and enjoyed wondering how the elderly woman in the beginning of the novel came to know a line from the manuscript that was destroyed in a fire.   I was drawn to the premise of the book, enjoyed the mystery, and really loved Rachel & Inga’s storyline.  3 stars.  Disclaimer— I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review.  #TheFragments #NetGalley

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